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***森林樂園 Forest Park***

Adventure Part 1
?Monkey 攀石場
Adventure Part 2
Adventure Part 3
Adventure Part 4
? 大型Lego屋
? 迷你兵團轉山窿
? 森林隧道
Adventure Part 5
? 彈彈牀








我們佔地一萬呎, 可以提供300人以上的派對場地, 最大房間可容纳60人.一站式專門籌劃私人/公司派對服務, 一個為您度身訂造的難忘派對…………..

EMMA Party House 是香港首屈一指的生日派對, 大食會, 私人宴會, 興趣班和公司新産品推廣的理想好去處:

  1. 我們擁有18間獨立主題房間, 房間内設有幾十款富有挑戰性遊戲軟件 (Sony PS3, Microsoft XBOX 360 & KINECT動感遊戲).
  2. 另有大量時尚流行纸卡遊戲 (Board Game)
  3. 激鬥賽車區–頭文字D (GT 6)
  4. 麻雀
  5. 大型足球機 可以同時6人玩








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Emma Party House occupies a space of over 10,000 square feet, providing a party venue for over 300 guests. We provide a one-stop service specializing in planning private / company party services, which give you an unforgettable tailor-made experience.

Emma Party House is definitely a second-to-none place for birthday parties, feasting parties, private banquets, and even various interested classes and new product launch campaigns:

  1. Emma Party House provides 18 independent theme rooms, fully-equipped with tens of challenging TV games, like PS3, Xbox 360 and Kinect etc.
  2. We also provide vast popular and updated board games .
  3. Emma Party House has a Kids Corner equipped with a slide, ball pool, tunnel and role play educational toys (like supermarkets, ____ etc.) for children to enjoy a wonderful playing and learning time.
  4. This year Emma Party House installed 10 sets of brand-new electronic network darts machine DARTSLIVE to cater the needs for our guests. Our guests can practice darts and share the enjoyment of darts competition with their friends in a smokeless and alcoholic free environment.